Ugly Americans Team Race Photos

Cross Crusade #2 - Alpenrose Dairy - 10/8/2005

Cloudy skies and a constant threat of rain created a thick muddy course with lots of steep slopes and off camber turns. It was also the first stop for the pros competing in the US Grand Prix of Cyclocross, so lots of cool bikes and really fit athletes crowded the venue.

Alprenrose Photo Album

Cross Crusade #3 - Scouter's Mountain - 10/23/2005

A brand new venue favored riders with lots of stamina and edurance. The course was very rideable with only three or so spots where riders had to shoulder the bike. Long hills and sweeping turns were mixed with tight twisty sections through the woods.

Scouter's Mountain Photo Album

Cross Crusade #5 - Barton Park - 11/13/2005

A super long course, a week of rain before the race, steep run-ups, and few places for recovery were all features of this race. Erik scored a win and everyone got covered in lots of mud.

Barton Park Photo Album

Cross Crusade #6 - Estacada Timber Park - 11/20/2005
District Championship Race

Lots of sun and really cold temperatures greeted our scrappy crew for the final race of the season. The course was one of the best of the season with lots of fast sections, three run-ups, and a six pack of barriers. Eric scored another win to become the Class "C" District Champion while Max had a top 10 finish.

Estacada Timber Park Photo Album

CycloCross Mini-Movies

I took some short movies at some of the races. Please download by right-clicking and selecting "Save target as..." instead of trying to watch them in your browser window.
Alpenrose Race Start
Scouter's Mountain Race Start
Dan completing barrier sequence at Scouter's Mountain

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