2007 Cyclocross Race Photos
Hup United PDX

Kruger's Kermesse - Kruger's Farm, Sauvie Island - 9/15/2007

The Kruger's Kermesse Farm Crit was not a typical cross or crit race. Multiple laps on farm roads covered in gravel, sand, and dirt, this fast paced race had no barriers or dismounts, but did feature lots of dust. Today was "Selman Day" as I missed the earlier race featuring several other HUPsters, and only caught Selman's A race at the end of the day.

Kruger's Kermesse Photo Album

Star Crossed CX - Redmond, WA - 9/22/2007

Star Crossed is an early season tradition, held under the lights at the Marymoor Park Velodrom in Redmond, Washington. Hup was well represented, with Maxwell Kullaway and Bernard Georges (Hup Seattle) in the Masters 35+ B race; Max Milverstedt, Slate Olson, Dan Roth, and Adrian Olmstead (Hup Oregon) in the Men's B race; and Zac Daab (Hup Seattle) in the Elite Men's race. Read all about their experiences on the Hup United blog (opens in new window).

Master's 35+ B Race Photo Album
Men's B Race Photo Album
Elite Men's Race Photo Album

Battle at Barlow - Gresham, OR - 9/30/2007

Rain! That was the word of the day. That and mud. Rain and Mud! After a couple of dry, dusty races, true 'cross weather greeted our fearless heroes. A week of moisture and rain falling since the night before created a soupy, sloppy course. The legendary railroad tie run up was only one of many challenges on this course. But our heroes overcame the elements. AO was 4th, Slate got 9th, and Max finished 14th (but is listed in the results as Max Ott).

Battle at Barlow Photo Album

Horning's Hideout (Cross Crusade #2) - North Plains, OR - 10/14/2007

Today's race was a good one. Your fearless photographer entered the Beginner race, and promptly DNFed after the first lap due to poor physical form (manifested by his breakfast trying to come back up) and a loose headset. But the Killer Bs saw a strongly contested race. The course was tough, with lots of hills and incredibly bumpy grass sections. AO finished in 6th, Slate and Max took 18th and 19th, and Jason and Sean finished strong a bit further back. If AO can keep the rubber side down, he'll take a few wins this season and get that upgrade to the As next season.

Horning's Hideout Photo Album

Rainier High School (Cross Crusade #3) - Rainier, OR - 10/21/2007

Today's race was a national HUP event. Chris from NH, Brandon from CO, and Zac, Whitney, and Bernard from WA joined the PDX contigent (Dan, Slate, Adrian and Max) to lend a little Belgian culture to the sleepy town of Rainier. While subject to change, the early results are in. Brandon got 49 in C's (and will be racing B's with everyone else next race). Whitney took 8th in Women B's (after upgrading from Beginners last week). Zac was 41st in A's. Chris isn't listed in Single Speeds (not sure why), but looks like he finished in 12th or 13th based on the photos. Adrian was 6th in B's (and kept the wheels underneath him), Slate was 8th, Bernard was 20th, Max finished in 22nd, and Dan was 65th (out of 75 finishers). Great job everyone!

Rainier High School Photo Album

Clatsop County Fairgrounds (Cross Crusade #4) - Astoria, OR - 10/28/2007

Happy Halloween! This week's race was the annual Halloween celebration, so everyone showed up wearing costumes. Our fearless four (Adrian, Dan, Max, and Slate) showed up as Cutters from the movie Breaking Away. Nothing says bike racing like short shorts, tube socks, cotton t-shirts, and cut-off work gloves. Adrian had a great race, finishing 2nd. Everyone else had a good time, perhaps too good a time the previous night, celebrating Max's not-birthday, so everyone else's results were a little different from normal.

Clatsop County Fairgrounds Photo Album

Barton Park (Cross Crusade #5) - Barton, OR - 11/04/2007

For the first time in several years, this race was dry and fast, rather than wet and muddy. Adrian got his first win of the series, and Slate wasn't very far behind. Dan had some back luck and was taken down (twice) by another rider. Brandon (making another special guest appearance while visiting from Colorado) also had some bad luck. He rolled his back tubular and developed a slow leak on his front. Until those problems, both Dan and Brandon were having a great race. I also got a few shots of Sean racing in the Master Bs and Ash in the Cs.

Barton Park Photo Album

Estacada Timber Park (Cross Crusade #6) - Estacada, OR - 11/11/2007

Estacada was a new race for everyone. The Single Speed Cyclocross World Championships (see my photos here) were held this weekend, in addition to the regular Cross Crusade races. This was Brandon's last weekend in Portland before returning to Colorado, so he raced in the Cs and Bs to get his fill of NW Cross action. Sean also raced twice, in the Master's Bs and the regular Bs. AO got the call to the big leagues and raced his first time in As and got 34th (only one lap down). Slate and Max had a great B race, with Slate getting 2nd and Max taking 20th.

Men's A Race Photo Album
Men's B Race Photo Album
Men's C Race Photo Album
Women's Race Photo Album
Master Men's A Race Photo Album

Hillsboro Stadium (Cross Crusade #7) - Hillsboro, OR - 11/18/2007

And then there was mud! The final race in the Cross Crusade series finally offered our Hup heroes some true cyclocross conditions. Several days of rain preceding the race and a steady rain on race day created a slow, mud-slogged course. Slate led for most of the race until a late flat slowed him down and dropped him to second. Max had a great race with a top 15 finish, and Sean rocked the black skinny to a great finish. Selman surprised everyone by showing up for the Master's A race after several weeks of suffering from some sort of Shanghai bug, but an early mechanical limited him to just one lap. Clean-up was a pain, but riding in the cold, wet mud made for a classic day.

Hillsboro Stadium Photo Album - Hup United
Hillsboro Stadium Photo Album - Other People

Portland Toyota Cup (USGP #5 & #6) - Portland, OR - 12/01/2007 - 12/02/2007

USGP was this weekend, and Hup descended on Portland from all over the country. Below are several different photo albums of the Hup United competitors. The wind and rain on Sunday kept me from taking photos of all the day's races, so you'll have to settle for just the B and Single Speed races. Check the Hup Blog for more information about the weekend's activities.

Preview of Other Photo Albums
USGP #5 - December 1, 2007
Men's B Race Photo Album
Men's Masters 35+ Race Photo Album
Men's Elite Race Photo Album
Bad Santa and his Naughty Helpers Photo Album
Other Racers (non-Hup) Photo Album
USGP #6 - December 2, 2007
Men's B Race Photo Album
Men's Single Speed Race Photo Album

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