2008 Cyclocross Race Photos
Hup United PDX
(plus a few other friends)

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Pain on the Peak - Bald Mountain - 9/13/08

This brand new race (and location) marks the first true cyclocross race of 2008. Warm weather, super dry and dusty conditions, and the early date kept racer numbers fairly low. Jeff Bannink was the sole Hup racer, taking a commanding win in the Master A category. This photo album features several different teams.

Pain on the Peak Photo Album

Kruger's Kermesse #3 - Kruger's Farm, Sauvie Island - 9/14/08

Two races in two days, and Hup United gets a second win. Max Milverstedt (not Mulversmith or Millerstat or Mullerstud as the announcer kept saying) took his first win of the season in the B race, leading from the first lap. He beat a Veloshop rider who won the previous two races of this series. Andrew Reed started the Master A race, leading from the siren, but pulled out after 3 or 4 laps, suffering from the heat and dust. Wait until the weather cools down, and we'll see a lot of 1-2 finishes from Hup United in the Master A field.

Kruger's Kermesse Photo Album

Star Crossed CX - Redmond, WA - 9/20/08

Unlike last year, StarCrossed was wet. Hup United had a strong showing in several different races. Max Kullaway ran away with the win in the Masters 3/4 race, while Jeff Bannink was a strong 4th in the Masters 1/2 race. The Godfather himself, Zac Daab, was 31st in the Masters 1/2 while also assisting on the announcer stand throughout the night. We also had Andrew Yee (from Northern California and CXMagazine.com) getting 10th after a back row start and Andrew Marcuse finishing dead last (but still finishing), both in the Masters 3/4 race. Finally, in the Men's 3 race, Chris Sallen finished a respectable 53rd out of 81 starters.

Master's Men 3/4 Race Photo Album
Master's Men 1/2 Race Photo Album
Men's 3 Race Photo Album
Elite Men's Race Photo Album
Raleigh/Rainier Photo Album

Hood River Cross Race - Hood River High School - 9/21/08

Today's race saw a few changes for our racers. Dan Roth and Max Milverstedt battled in the B's, with Max leading for most of the race until getting tangled up with some lapped traffic and finishing 3rd. Dan tried a new strategy of making faces at the camera to keep himself entertained. You be the judge of the results. Adrian Olmstead lined up in the Single Speed class for the first time and finished a strong 6th. Finally, Slate Olson joined the A's for the first time. Fighting for last place, Slate failed to hold that position after a strong surge near the end of the race saw him finish 3rd from last. Better luck next time.

Hood River Photo Album

Battle at Barlow - Barlow High School - 9/28/08

This race is the last one before the Cross Crusade series starts up. Dry conditions kept the race fast, unlike in previous years. Slate Olson and Adrian Olmstead raced single speeds, stayed together for most of race, and finished in 6th (AO) and 8th (SO). Jeff Bannink raced in the A's and finished 20th. Andrew Reed raced in the Master A field and finished in 19th.

Battle at Barlow Photo Album

Alpenrose Dairy (Cross Crusade #1) - Portland, OR - 10/5/08

The Cross Crusade series kicked off with the traditional Alpenrose race. After several dry and dusty races, the wet weather was welcomed by everyone, except maybe the photographers. Once again, a smaller than normal Hup contingent showed up to race. Slate and Adrian raced single speeds and Jeff and Andrew were in the A's and Master A's, respectively. Adrian slid back a spot from last week to 7th (out of 107 finishers), Slate finished 12th (out of 107), Jeff got 28th (out of 76), and Andrew wasn't listed in the results for some reason, but finished mid-pack. I posted another album this week. It has pictures of a lot of non Hup racers, as well as a bunch of gnarly crashes and wipeouts from the A race.

Hup United Photo Album
Other Racers, Crashes, and Wipeouts Photo Album

Villebois (Cross Crusade #2) - Wilsonville, OR - 10/12/08

The Oregon Manifest handbuilt bike show and the Rapha Roller Race left many racers feeling a bit tired this weekend. Nice sunny weather greeted our fearless heroes as the PDX ranks were reinforced by some Seattle ringers. Bernard and Maxwell were exhibitors at the Oregon Manifest show (check out 333Fab to see their custom bikes) and Zac joined us for the weekend of bike fun. So we had Max (from Portland) in the Bs, Bernard and Slate in the Single Speeds, Adrian, Zac and Jeff in the As, and Max (from Seattle) in the Master As. The course was at a construction site, and flats from rocks and construction debris were the story of the day. Everyone in the A races had tire problems, either flats or rolled tubs. Jeff alone had three flats, but still managed to finish the race.

Hup United Photo Album
Non-Hup Photo Album

Rainier High School (Cross Crusade #3) - Rainier, OR - 10/19/08

This course is one of our favorites. Fast, technical, and plenty of room to pass. The only downside is the huge hill. Once again, nice weather greeted our racers, which was a good thing, because this course would have been hell in the mud. A large contingent of Hupsters showed up to race today. Max, Dan, and Jason (from Seattle) raced in the Bs, Bernard (from Seattle) raced Single Speed, Andrew raced Master As, and Slate, Adrian, and Zac (from Seattle) represented Hup in the As.

Hup United Photo Album
Non-Hup Photo Album

Clatsop County Fairgrounds (Cross Crusade #4 and #5) - Astoria, OR - 10/25/08 and 10/26/08

This weekend, Cross Crusade celebrated Halloween in Astoria with two days of racing. Hup United rented a house and spent the weekend in race mode. Well, spent some of the weekend in race mode. The rest of the weekend was spent drinking, annoying every non-racer by only talking about bikes and racing, and generally having a good time not being in race mode. Day 1 was race day, with everyone in regular team kit and their game faces on. Oh yeah, your photographer raced in the Clydesdale class and finished in the Top 20. On Day 2, Hup United became Hüp United (Hoop United, the Belgian National Team) by donning basketball uniforms and riding as a team. The B racers dropped back and waited for the Single Speed racers and then spent the rest of the race running drills and practicing for the big game.

Day 1 (Race Day) Photo Album
Day 2 (Dress-Up Day) Photo Album

Cycle-Smart International (Verge #5 and #6) - Northampton, MA - 11/01/08 and 11/02/08

Instead of staying in Portland and playing in the mud and gravel at Barton Park, I decided to head east and visit the New England Hup United family for a couple of days. Two days of racing in Northampton (NoHo to those in the know) gave me a good overview of the New Belgium cross scene. I had a great time meeting everyone and look forward to seeing all my new friends again someday. Thanks to Scott and Pierre for hosting me, and thanks to everyone else for making me feel welcome, and for bringing out some nice weather.

NoHo Day 1 Photo Album
NoHo Day 2 Photo Album
Boston Tourism Photo Album

Portland International Raceway (Cross Crusade #7) - Portland, OR - 11/09/08

Stop #7 in the Cross Crusade series visited the site used for the mud-fest that was Nationals 2003. A couple days of rain threatened to recreate that same course, but the day dawned overcast but not rainy. Still, the course had deep puddles, thick mud, and slippery off-camber corners, just like a good cross course should have. Hup United was a little lean this race day, with several teammates out of action. Sean returned to racing in the Master Bs, Slate and Jeff warmed up for the SSCXWC race in the As, and Andrew completed the day's contigent in the Master As.

Hup United Photo Album
Non-Hup Photo Album

Kruger's Crossing - Sauvie Island - 11/23/08

Sunny skies and warm weather (warm for November) greeted our intrepid crew today. The course at Kruger's Farm is pretty flat, but slick corners and barriers in four separate places kept things interesting. With the Cross Crusade series over, averall numbers were a lot lower. Dan was the lone racer in the Bs, but a week of being sick kept him from finishing the race. Max joined Slate, Adrian, and Jeff in the A race and all four of them put on a good show. Max did get lapped, but for his first foray into the A race, he did pretty well, finishing in 23rd. Jeff finished in 10th, Adrian got 15th and Slate was 18th.

Hup United Photo Album
Non-Hup Photo Album

Portland Cup (USGP #5 & #6) - Portland, OR - 12/6/08 & 12/7/08

Once again, the USGP races visited Portland and marked the official end of the cross season for our local racers. A large contingent of Hup United racers from Portland, Seattle, and Northern California descended on PIR for two days of racing. In addition to racing, there was fun to be had. On Saturday night, the Super Grundel United Fellowship Dinner took place, joining Hup United with Super Relax and Grundelbruisers for an evening of pictures, food, and public date requests. Shannon Holt, Super Relax team DS, formally asked Dave Roth, Hup United team DS and your photographer, to join her at the Cross Crusade Prom as her date, with the condition that he provide a corsage. As you can see by the photos, there was a corsage and a good time was had by all.

Hup United - Day 1 Photo Album
Hup United - Day 2 Photo Album
Super Grundel United Group Dinner Photo Album
Cross Crusade End-of-Season Prom Photo Album

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